20 Jan SOUTH AFRICA - Stats on eCommerce, Online Payment Methods, Mobile Commerce, Smartphone Penetration and Key Verticals

This is the third in a series of articles that focuses on providing multinational eCommerce companies with comprehensive information on the South African eCommerce and Online Payments market. 

Here are some slightly dated stats on payment method preference for online shopping in South Africa, but it will give you the gist of payment market dynamics.  Credit cards 45%, Debit Cards 21%, Bank transfer 20% and PayPal 7%.  

Another survey has it at Cards 41%, Bank transfer 17%, eWallet 14% and Cash 11%.   Card scheme breakdown is Visa 50%, MasterCard 49% and Amex 1%.

When it comes to internet penetration South Africa at that time exceeded 50%, Africa 31% and the World 46%.  Credit card penetration in South Africa 14%, Africa 5%, and the World 18%. Smartphone penetration in South Africa 64%, Africa 39% and the World 48%.

eCommerce in South Africa was growing at 20% per annum, Africa 18% and the World 14%.  As a percentage of retail, South Africa 1%, Africa half a percent and the World 7%. eCommerce on a mobile (mCommerce) in South Africa 20%, Africa 37% and the World 29%.

A relatively small but significant survey gives you a high level on South African verticals.

South Africa eCommerce Verticals


eCommerce verticals in South Africa

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PS:  I have rounded off numbers in this article for easy reading.  


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