What it takes to get MTN Mobile Money live at the checkout

What it takes to get MTN Mobile Money Live at the Checkout for Receiving eCommerce Payments Across Africa

Our road to live with MTN Mobile Money for payment at the checkout.  In this video we explain our journey for getting MTN Mobile Money live for our multinational eCommerce merchants for online payment at the checkout.  MTN Mobile Money is probably the most popular mobile payment method across Africa and they have done a good job of pan-African coverage.  Each country that you would like to accept from will need a local legal entity, in many cases a local shareholder, and a local bank account.  We didn’t find the integration as straight forward as the many other payment methods we have linked to.  Certain verticals are restricted for acceptance although it is more relaxed than card.  It has taken us up to a year to get everything in place for it.  The MTN Mobile Money side of it is done via their portal and is DIY so all docs get uploaded there, API’s can be downloaded from there and all engagement is done through the portal.  MTN is in about 15 African countries, but not all are live for MTN Mobile money acceptance by multinational eCommerce companies at the checkout.  The countries that are said to be available are Ghana (we started here first), Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Benin, Liberia, Swaziland, Congo, and soon South Africa and Nigeria.  Good luck if you would like to do it yourself and if you don’t, click here https://africanpaymentsolutions.com/products/#footer to enquire more, and to get on our waiting list for going live as and when we open up each country.

Thank you and wishing you a wonderful day further.