Bringing together traditional payments and digital currencies to best serve our multinational eCommerce merchants across Africa

I was chatting with my friend Jurgen who is a bleeding edge entrepreneur in the digital currency space about what we can do together in payments and he asked me what I want out of it, which got me thinking.

My thinking is that the industry is going to grow into digital payments over the next 5-10 years and the transition period will involve a lot of on- and off-ramps from fiat to crypto and back. We would like to play that role in the interim.

It would mean a good way for us to continue to expand our “acquiring” footprint. And grow our business and revenues with volumes organically and effortlessly once links are in place and our mutual service expands.

Over time we would like to provide our multinational eCommerce merchants
with a simple, seamless and effective traditional and digital payments service. Digital currencies are the future, traditional payments with card, mobile money and bank EFT are legacy . .

Our mission is to bring them together, in the now, to create a new reality.

Personally I would like to see level playing fields for Africa and African’s to simply and easily and effectively participate in the global and digital economy, our focus area being eCommerce – bringing two worlds together to mutual benefit.

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