Challenges getting paid in Africa

  • Multinationals capitalising on the African consumer boom need to get paid
  • This is not easy in Africa
  • The banking industry is not geared for eCommerce
  • Credit card penetration is non-existent
  • Local alternative payment methods are unique to each country
  • Understanding people is difficult
  • Internet and payment infrastructure continuity is poor
  • Local compliance and banking requirements are onerous
  • Setup and time-to-cash for foreigners in our experience can take years

African Payment Solutions Simple Solution to Getting Paid Online in Africa

We bridge the gap between multinational eCommerce merchants and the African market


  • An end to end solution
  • 48 hour setup and trade
  • A single easy integration
  • World class infrastructure
  • Secure and reliable
  • Built in fraud screening
  • Multiple African payment methods
  • Collection and repatriation of funds

Rapid time-to-cash  •  A one-stop-shop  •   Everything taken care of for you

Assistance With In-Country Setup

Assistance With Local Compliance

No Language Communication Problems